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VAHLE Supports Remote Operations at India Terminal

VAHLE Supports Remote Operations at India Terminal
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VAHLE, a provider of technological solutions for ports and terminals, has been awarded a contract for a port-project in Kattupalli, India.

According to a statement, India’s largest private port operator The Adani Group has enlisted the services of VAHLE to retrofit 18 aisles and 15 rubber-tyred-gantry cranes at the Port of Kattupalli.

Situated in close proximity to the Chennai and Bangalore regions of India, the port has an annual throughput capacity of 1.2 million TEU.

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As part of the project, VAHLE will implement three kilometres of its 4-pole vCONDUCTOR U35 conductor system, as well as three kilometres of a positioning system. These modifications are expected to improve the efficiency of Kattupalli’s existing fleet.

While the first round of retrofitting is planned for the end of the summer, Adani has already commissioned the retrofit of 14 further aisles.

Jaroslaw Warzecha, VAHLE, discusses container terminal automation in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Once its 15 RTGs are also retrofitted, the Port of Kattupalli will be supported by the first container terminal of its kind in India.

With the help of VAHLE’s Trimotion system, it will be possible for the terminal to fully automate and control remotely the handling of containers.

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