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VAHLE since 1912, is a specialist for mobile power and data transmission with headquarters in Kamen, Germany. VAHLE has more than 750 employees and 12 subsidiaries worldwide. Including representatives Vahle is active in 52 countries around the world. Through experienced engineers with many years of project experience, VAHLE provides you with customer-specific and simultaneously economical solution.

Taking in account the environmental responsibility VAHLE delivers the innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint while increasing the productivity by means of reliable energy transfer systems like motor driven reels, cable reels, festoon system, conductor rails and contactless power system (CPS).  With the latest development of the Trimotion system VAHLE offers a compact tool for RTG electrification including electric power transfer, positioning and data transmission system -SMGX-  making RTGs ready for Automation.

Electrification of Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes (ERTG)

The loading and unloading of ships, the “stopover” of the containers at the port and the distribution by rail and truck – all of this is the logistical feat of modern ports. Any disruption or standstill to this process has large...

Motor Driven Cable Reels

The current modernization of port installations and the increasing handling performance result in ever higher energy demands. For the power supply systems, this means larger cable cross-sections and higher voltages, higher travel speeds and acceleration...

Festoon Systems

Our long-standing proven system used worldwide and absolutely reliable - a real VAHLE classic. You can put together the individual modules according to your special needs:If you require thicker or thin cables for power or data transfer - with...

Unipole Conductor Rails and SMGX Data Transmission

To handle the growing global demand for products and goods, the shipping lines are continuously increasing their cargo capacity. Cargo container ships average capacity has doubled over recent decades faster than any other ship type. The ongoing...

Energy Storage Technology

More and more mobile equipment will be connected to the local electricity grid. What happens when the grid fails or is not stable? We are proud to introduce the VAHLE energy storage solution. The technology will help to keep the electrical grid...

Charging of Horizontal Transportation

By incorporating an intelligent battery management system the state of charge to the batteries is continually monitored and regulated to both provide the AGV motive power when required and to minimize levels of battery discharge when the AGV...

Vahle: Company Film 2017

Headquartered in Kamen, Germany, Vahle since 1912, provide customer-specific systems and solutions for mobile power as well as energy and data transmission. The company have more than 750 employees and 12 subsidiaries worldwide.

Vahle: Electrification of RTGs (ERTG)

The ERTG systems by Vahle have been designed to handle containers faster and safer than any diesel powered system and with lower maintenance efforts. These ERTG systems have been installed in ports and terminals worldwide including, Port of Felixstowe, Port of Balbo in Panama as well as several ports in Turkey.

Vahle: Trimotion System

The Vahle Trimotion System designed for four conductor rails in parallel is a compact solution for ERTGs. Features include having a maximum extension of 1700mm, an integrated positioning system and two carbon brushes per phase.

Vahle: Port Automation

Looking for automation processes in your port? Vahle provides smart, customised, cost-effective solutions of electrification, data communication and positioning systems for RTGs, ASCs and STS cranes. This is able to reduce container handling, optimising overall efficiency.

Vahle: Port Horizontal Transportation

Vahle have designed a highly efficient and reliable charging system maximising the availability of horizontal transportation such as AGV’s. The flexible positioning of charging points provides the means to turn planned stops into charging opportunities, keeping container movement in a constant flow.

Vahle: Port Technology

Vahle provide a vast range of systems and solutions for the demanding applications of port operations, including safe and reliable conductor bars and cable management systems as well as ERTG systems that offer ports exceptional production capabilities.

How Vahle has Developed Safe Data Transmission for Automation

Vahle’s CEO, Achim Dries shares the company’s ambition of migrating from a product supplier to a systems supplier after 105 year in the marketplace. Discussions are also made on the way automation is used to benefits terminal operators and their customers.

Vahle: Port STS Crane Festoon and AGV Systems

Vahle's CEO Achim Dries presents the company's latest product innovations for ports and terminals including its festoon system and automated guided vehicle (AGV).

Vahle: Fully Automated Terminal Stages

Vahle’s CEO, Achim Dries explains how terminals evolve through remote operations to eventually become fully automated.

VAHLE Port Automation

Industry 4.0, Positioning, Data Transmission, SMGX, Automation, Electrification


Cable reel, Conductor rail, Electrification, retrofit, Trimotion, Data Transmission, Hybrid RTG, absolute positioning, Conductor rail, Turnkey, Substation

VAHLE Port Horizontal Transportation

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VAHLE Port Technology

STS, RTG, Cable Reel, Conductor Rail, Port Equipment, Substation, Energy Storage Technology, Horizontal Transportation, Tailormade, Greenification, Festoon Systems, SMGX, Service & Support, Turnkey

VAHLE Supports Remote Operations at India Terminal

  18 Mar 2019

VAHLE, a provider of technological solutions for ports and terminals, has been awarded a contract for a port-project in Kattupalli, India

VAHLE Agrees Contract for Dubai Mega Wheel

  29 Nov 2018

VAHLE Group, a provider of technological solutions, has announced that it has signed a contract to participate in the Ain Dubai Project

PTI Exclusive: VAHLE on Automation

  09 Aug 2018

Achim Dries, VAHLE, discusses new automation attitudes

PTI Exclusive: VAHLE on Standardization

  07 Aug 2018

Achim Dries, VAHLE, has discussed how data can be standardized by ports

PTI Exclusive: Kuenz Reveals All - FREERIDER RTG

  07 Aug 2018

Michael Geiger, Kuenz, has discussed the company's latest innovation: the FREERIDER RTG

PTI Exclusive: INFORM on Standardization

  28 Jun 2018

Dr. Eva Savelsberg, SVP Logistics Division, INFORM, has discussed what drives standardization in a smart port supply chain

PTI Exclusive: Kalmar on Standardization

  27 Jun 2018

Antti Kaunonen, President of Kalmar, has discussed how standardization should be defined and used to benefit the development of equipment in the ports and terminals industry

PTI Exclusive: Konecranes on Standardization

  27 Jun 2018

Thomas Gylling, Marketing Director, Konecranes Port Solutions, discussed how the crane specialist and the port and terminal industry is taking different approaches towards the issue of standardization

VAHLE Upgrades Next-Gen Port Data System

  12 Jun 2018

To mark the launch of TOC Europe, VAHLE has upgraded its SMGX data communication system which allows RTG’s to utilize conductor rails as a power source

#TOCEurope: Konecranes Announces Speakers

  06 Jun 2018

Konecranes have announced the speakers that will be featured at TOC Europe — Port Technology gives a rundown of who is speaking when

Container Terminal Automation: The Step by Step Approach

What is the best practice approach for automating a port's existing container yard equipment in a brownfield terminal? There are a lot of different solutions available, yet in this paper we look into one of the most economically viable, safe and efficient methods: the step by step approach

Electrifying RTGs: improving productivity and savings

This technical paper looks at the process of electrifying RTGs in container terminals so that they can benefit from cost-savings and increased productivity. Container terminals now have the option of electrying RTGs into ERTGs and with advances in terminal operating systems, container terminals can benefit from improved training for RTG staff. A key method for helping container terminals implement eRTGs is to introduce a platform...

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PR_eRTG_e-RTG Mexico

The Mexican container terminal Lázaro Cárdenas Terminal Portuaria de Contenedores is located in North America at the pacific side of Mexico. VAHLE has awarded the first contract to electrify 10 container blocks of the terminal in 2011.


VAHLE, a global leader in mobile power and data solutions for more than 100 years has successfully finished the first phase of the port electrification mega project at Tanjung Priok / Jakarta in Indonesia.

Delivering products and services for Automation and Optimisation, Container Handling, Container Handling, Automation, Crane Components, Power and Data Cables, Festoon, Positioning Tools, Retrofitting & Upgrading, RMGs, RTGs, STS Cranes.

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