#SPSC18 Papers from Edition 79


Edition 79 of the journal has arrived, and with its focus centred on Port Technology’s Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies conference (#SPSC18), these are the must-read papers from speakers and companies at the event.

To get a glimpse of what the future holds for ports and terminals, #SPSC18 conference delegates will be some of the first to read INFORM’s ‘2038: A Smart Port Story’, but if you can’t wait until then, Richard Joy, PTI’s Consulting Editor, has provided a sneak preview.

INFORM’s Dr. Eva Savelsberg, a co-author of the novella, will give a keynote address on how smart data will develop in ports and terminals until the year 2038, so, if the story leaves you with burning questions about what the future holds, she will be the best person to ask.

To prepare you for the first session of the conference, Rob Zuidwijk, Endowed Professor Ports in Global, Networks, Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management, has written ‘Ports in Global Supply Chains: Challenges and Opportunities’.

Zuidwijk’s paper focuses on the on business developments in global supply chains and the accompanying logistics challenges for ports and port hinterlands, driven by the opportunities that new technologies provide.

Another must read is a paper by Wolfgang Lehmacher, Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries at the World Economic Forum, who has led the latest edition of the journal with ‘The Turning Point for Smart Ports’.

Lehmacher's insightful article will prepare you for what the conference has in store on Day One, Session 3: ‘The Smart Supply Chain: Total End-to-End Data Integration Solutions’, which will delineate the business rationale and implementation process for integrating the end-to-end supply chain ecosystem.



While the conference has plenty of presentations that will prepare you for the future, it is also important to keep aware of the present threats to the port and terminal industry, which is why, as we enter this new digital era of industry 4.0, mission-critical communications are vital.

Tim Clark, Director of Systems Sales, Motorola Solutions, EMEA, has not left this stone unturned and has written a superb paper, ‘Maximizing Port Safety: Mission Critical Communications’, covering risk mitigation, increasing competitiveness and how to ensure safe, efficient and secure port operations.

You will be able to learn more from him during Day One, Session 2: Port Digitisation: Technologies for Smarter Operations Integration, where he will be joined by another author from the journal, Gerald Hirt, Managing Director at Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center (HVCC).

Hirt, who also features in the pre-conference eBook ‘Reconceptualizing The Port’, will elaborate further on how to ensure the best collaboration practices with terminal operators, which you can learn more about in the ‘Port Partnerships in Practice’ technical paper.

Moving on to Day Two, Adam Yaron, CEO of FAST Applications, has prepared delegates with his technical paper ‘Digital Freight Forwarding’, which explains how traditional freight forwarding can transform for the digital age; a topic that the first session, ‘Prioritising Supply Chain Logistics: Total E2E Intermodal Planning Processes’, will expand upon.  

The moderator of the next session, Mikael Lind, Senior Strategic Research Advisor, RISE Viktoria, also features in the latest edition as a co-author for the technical paper ‘Synchronization for Port Effectiveness’.

Lind will build upon the excitement generated from the first session by leading the ‘Evolving Business Models: Transformation Solutions’ discussion, which focuses on the effectiveness of implementing total bespoke business transformation models to achieve the three ‘E’s: excellence in operation, extensive in the ecosystem, explorative in innovation.



However, if you want to see more of Lind, he is also a speaker in the next session: ‘Smart Data for Next-Gen Ports & Supply Chains: Data Analytics for Performance Maximization’.

What promises to be such a spectacular few days is not possible without sponsors such as the Cargotec companies Navis and Kalmar — two vital organizations for encouraging the port and terminal industry to collaborate through technologies that connect the vessel, quay, and yard.

Navis’ Edition 78 paper, ‘Working as One: Data Sharing’ by Derek Kober, VP Marketing, Navis, sums up why information is so important to achieving the organization’s goal and is also an excellent read before you start the fourth session on Day Two of the conference — ‘Smart Terminal Solutions: Transforming Terminals into Intelligent Network Nodes’.

In this discussion, both Guenter Schmidmeir of Kalmar and Chuck Schneider of Navis will join Yvo Saanen of TBA, Vicens Roig of global port operator Hutchison Ports and Dr. Urban Siller of global provider of wireless RFID solutions Identec.

Saanen is another author in the latest journal with his paper: ‘20 Years of High-Definition Simulation in the Port Industry’, which celebrates the great strides he and his colleagues at TBA have made in improving the sector.

If all of that sounds exciting, and you need to book your ticket, please do so right away as demand has been especially high.

The Port Technology team looks forward to welcoming you to the Smart Port and Supply Chain Technologies conference!

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