#TOCEurope: Kalmar Announces Green Reachstacker

Image courtesy of Kalmar.

Kalmar featured their newest offering in cargo handling solutions at TOC Europe — an energy efficient reachstacker with a Fuel Saving Guarantee.

Senior Vice President of Mobile Equipment at Kalmar, Dan Pettersson, said: “I am very proud to introduce a new, eco-efficient solution from Kalmar, which guarantees to substantially cut the fuel consumption and costs, while lowering carbon emissions and helping customers meet current and future emissions standards.

“A couple of weeks ago, we made a very bold announcement that our full offering will be available as electrically powered versions by 2021.

“As we work towards reaching that goal, the Kalmar Eco Reachstacker is a prime example of our commitment to develop industry shaping solutions to minimize the environmental impact of cargo handling.”

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Kalmar is offering the new solution with two options — the ability to purchase the reachstacker with the Kalmar Fuel Saving Solution, or lease it from Kalmar with the Kalmar Operational Solution.

The new reachstacker can have its operational efficiency tracked with Kalmar’s SmartFleet remote monitoring system — allowing users to monitor the fuel consumption.

The new Eco Reachstacker is currently on display at Stand E20 at TOC Europe.

Additionally, this week Kalmar published the first application key for Kalmar Key, the terminal industry’s first automation platform with open interfaces.

The application key opens up Kalmar’s best-practice model for systems integration in terminals following the ‘AutoRTG with coupled manual horizontal transportation’ concept.

Kalmar Key provides system architecture for building end-to-end, customized automation solutions using Kalmar’s Terminal Logistics System (TLS) as a basis.

By publishing application interfaces, Kalmar aims to facilitate the adoption of container terminal automation and support the development of the entire industry.

The latest application key has been published to enable smoother path and more predictable end results for terminal automation projects by describing more clearly what kind of application logic is supported — allowing users to take advantage of lessons learned from previous implementations whilst minimizing the amount of customized coding needed.

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Vice President of Software and Automation Development at Kalmar, Tommi Pettersson, commented: “We believe that by sharing our application interfaces and integration models we can facilitate a healthy and open dialogue in our industry that will help speed up the pace of automation adoption and make implementation much smoother.

“Furthermore, customers will gain even greater flexibility in terms of customization possibilities, which will help them build complete automation solutions that are exactly right for their business.”

Kalmar recently released a video showcasing their groundbreaking concept for a totally electric, autonomous reachstacker.

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