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Ships Collide in Suez Canal Smash

Ships Collide in Suez Canal Smash

Chaos has ensued in the Suez Canal after two ships collided causing a backlog of traffic. 

After the orginal collision, one ship became grounded and came to a halt after its engine failed, according to reports.

Each ship involved has sustained damages which has required emergency measures to be taken.

René Kolman discusses the New Suez Canal project and why additional lanes for transit are vital in a Port Technology technical paper

GAC has stated that the canal was cleared on the 17 July, 2018, and convoys are now free to resume their transits through the Suez Canal.

The affected ships have now been moved to the Great Bitter Lakes, where eighteen other ships from the convoy had been forced to wait after the incident.

Latest reports indicate that the grounded ship has now been able to maintain its voyage.

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