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Seattle Terminal Visited by Largest Ever Ship

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The Northwest Seaport Alliance’s (NWSA) Terminal 46 in Seattle received its largest container ship ever on April 4, 2018 – Mediterranean Shipping Company’s (MSC) Laurence, a 13,000 TEU capacity vessel.

The Laurence is 1,200 feet long and 159 feet wide, approximately the length of two of Seattle’s famous Space Needle laid end to end, and its 13,000 TEUs would stretch 50 miles when stacked in a line.

Larger vessels calls are become more common as the industry evolves, with the NWSA welcoming the 18,000 TEU CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin (the largest ship to call at the U.S) two years ago. (pictured above)

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With the increased visits from larger vessels, the NSWA is investing in upgrades to both the North Harbour’s Terminal 5 and South Harbour’s Husky Terminal.

MSC has been calling at many terminals at the North Harbour since 2011 – since then the company has nearly tripled its container volumes through the NWSA’s terminals.

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