Saving Costs on Containers



PTI speaks to Simon Bosschieter, MD of 4FOLD at Intermodal 2016, to learn more about the company's foldable container product, which aims to save costs for the shipping industry. Bosschieter also explains the challenges that 4FOLD has faced, why recent developments in the industry are a positive opportunity to attract new business and shares his thoughts on what the future holds for the company.

The advantages of 4FOLD Folable Containers:

  • Lower transport costs
  • Lower storage costs
  • Shorter handling time for lift on/lift off
  • Lower CO2 emissions and environmental impact


  • Fully compatible 40ft High Cube container
  • ISO and CSC certified
  • Easy and fast folding with standard equipment

See the unfolding of a 4FOLD Foldable Container by two forklift trucks below. View more exclusive videos from Intermodal Europe.


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