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Saab to Strengthen Security of Shanghai Port

Saab to Strengthen Security of Shanghai Port

Saab, a provider of security solutions, has agreed to renew and extend the Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS) at the world’s largest container port in Shanghai, China.

The project, which commenced in November 2018, will take 18 months to complete, and includes the replacement of existing radar and communications systems, two traffic centres and the delivery of a new supervisory centre.

According to Saab, over 10,000 ships occupy the Shanghai port region at “any given moment”, and their operations are regularly affected by dense fog in the area.

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The VTMIS from Saab, which has deployed solutions in eight of the world’s top 20 container ports, aims to mitigate the impact of this adverse weather.

The original system, implemented by Saab in 2005, was built to protect the 33 kilometre Donghai Bridge that connects the Yangshan Deep Water Port to the mainland.



Following an order from the China Maritime Safety Administration, Saab will now extend the system to include the Wusong area as well, improving the safety and efficiency of shipping operations around Shanghai’s port.

Jessica Öberg, Head of Saab business area Industrial Products and Services, made a statement: “Saab's expertise in upgrading complex existing systems with minimal operational disturbance was a key consideration for the China Maritime Safety Administration.

“With a daily import and export of 3 billion dollars' worth of goods, port users need continuous safe and efficient shipping, and that is what Saab enables.”

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