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Rotterdam renews partnership with Region Basel and Port of Switzerland

Rotterdam, Netherlands - Sep 3, 2017: Aerial view of a sea container terminal in the Port of Rotterdam
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The Port of Rotterdam Authority has renewed its logistics partnership with Logistikcluster Region Basel and the Port of Switzerland.

All parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to increase their focus on the digitalisation and sustainability of the Rotterdam-Basel-Genoa corridor.

The agreement replaces the old documents made in 2016 and cites the possibilities for using hydrogen as a fuel for freight traffic, the expansion of intermodal logistics, and support for the planned new tri-modal container terminal Gateway-Basel-North.

Further alignment between the port community systems RheinPorts (Switzerland) Information System and PortBase (Rotterdam) was also included in the document.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the Port of Rotterdam would also house a green hydrogen facility from thyssenkrupp.

The project aims to support sustainable decarbonisation in the Netherlands. Countries representing over 80% of the global GDP are expected to enter the hydrogen economy with a dedicated hydrogen strategy by 2025.

As net-zero is a core priority for the plant, reusable construction material will be applied wherever possible and solar panels will be incorporated on the outside walls.

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