RBS: What is the Future of the Cloud?


Real-Time Business Solutions (RBS), specialists in smart maritime systems, has followed on from its previous insight into cloud-based container terminal software by looking at the future of cloud service providers and asked the question – are they here to stay?

RBS says Cloud computing has become the most sought-after method of building and developing IT practices over recent years.

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Amazon kick-started the cloud revolution in August 2006, when it launched its Elastic Compute Cloud through its Cloud computing specific subsidiary Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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It took several years for the other tech giants to enter the market, but now Microsoft, Google and IBM all offer their own Cloud-based solutions.

RBS says that the race to catch up with AWS has seen an increase in new features and functionalities and that services are “continually enhanced to respond to dynamic customer demands, offering an expansive range of capabilities.”

Furthermore, RBS says that what began purely as an “operating system for the internet” has unlocked many gateways into what is known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (Paas) across all industries.

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The greatest growth, however, is in the SaaS segment and enterprises are leveraging its benefits to operate its business structure and expand globally.

In this area, the compound growth is expected to reach 18% by 2020 as the world realises the potential of SaaS Cloud software – one of the leading solutions RBS’ TOPS Expert Cloud, a limited to none stand-alone system that is fully operational in the Cloud.

This growth, according to RBS, shows that the future of leading Cloud providers looks positive and that they will thrive as a result of the “continuous delivery of the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) working in parallel to facilitate this disruption in the IT industry.”

“The positively upward trend in SaaS and PaaS,” RBS concludes, “depicts that the powerful Cloud technology is here to stay and will persist to earn its implementation into more enterprises in the upcoming future.”

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