PTI Advent 2018: Day 3


As Christmas gets nearer, millions of people all over the world will prepare for the big day in the same way, by decorating their Christmas trees in time-honored traditions.

Although the symbolism of Christmas trees can be traced back to pre-Christian times, decorating and keeping presents under one has become synonymous with Christmas and is a treasured past time for families all over the world.

Those decorations vary from one point of the world to the next. In Germany, Christmas trees are adorned with candles to represent the stars in heaven, a tradition that, it is believed, goes back to the 16th century when it was started by the Protestant reformer Martin Luther.

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Decorations from other parts of Europe usually include hand-crafted ornaments, as well as electric lights. However, in Ukraine and around Eastern Europe, it can be common to see an ornament in the shape of a spider or a spider's web.

This is to recognize the Legend of the Christmas Spider, a popular winter folk-tale which tells the story of a poor family who find their Christmas tree covered in cobwebs, which later brings them great luck.

Wherever they are going to and whatever their decorations may be, all Christmas trees will be transported via a shipping container. To grasp how many are being carried around the world, you have to know how many can fit in a single one.

According to a video from Canadian logistics firm CN, the answer is 1,000!

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