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Ports of Genoa launches app to digitise customs documents

Ports of Genoa launches digital app
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Ports of Genoa has launched a new app to digitise supply chain and customs documents and improve the flow of containerised trade.

In a statement, the Port group said the PCS E-port app will improve its place in the logistics chain and will allow it to fully digitise its operations related to the entry and exit of goods.

It will give hauliers access to information regarding yard space and their containers, therefore allowing them to turnaround quicker than before.

By making the sharing documents paperless, the Ports of Genoa say it can cut physical contact between operators and other stakeholders.

This concept has grown in popularity in hubs and gateways across the world as it will reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus and allow for trade to continue flowing when customs officers and port officials are working remotely.

As part of Italy’s National Logistics Platform, it will be implemented across the Ports of Genoa’s operations, including air freight.

“The path for the progressive and complete implementation of the PCS E-port is of great importance to reduce the overall operating times of the logistics chain,” the company said.

“[The app] will allow to fully digitize the operations related to entry and exit of the vehicles from the port, thus also eliminating the physical contact between operators, which is instead necessary for the exchange of paper documents. 

“This system will be extended to the Savona airport through its implementation within the PCS perimeter of the National Logistics Platform being adopted by the AdSP of the Western Ligurian Sea.”

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