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Port of Oakland Launches Efficient Crane Initiative

Port of Oakland Launches Efficient Crane Initiative

The Port of Oakland has announced that it is making its container handling operations cleaner by converting 13 diesel-powered yard cranes at its largest marine terminal to hybrid power.

According to a statement, making this transition will enable the port to reduce the emission of diesel-related air pollutants by an annual total of 45 tons.

The first hybrid crane entered operations at Oakland International Container Terminal on March 5, 2019, and will be followed by the rest of the terminal’s retrofitted fleet by 2020.

Peter Söderberg, Kalmar, discusses eco-efficient terminal operations in a recent Port Technology technical paper

In addition to running on hybrid power, each of the cranes is being equipped with batteries and smaller backup engines that will run on diesel when necessary.

Catherine Mukai, Port of Oakland Environmental Director, said: “This is the Prius of cargo-handling equipment.

“We’re gratified that our partners at the terminal are taking this step to help clear the air.”



In July 2018, terminal operator SSA received a US$5 million grant for the hybrid project, and is spending a further $1 million itself to retrofit its cranes.

With the help of more efficient cranes, which will allow considerable fuel savings, SSA expects to recoup the money it has invested within two years.

Jim Rice, General Manager at Oakland International Container Terminal, added: “We depend heavily on this equipment to keep cargo flowing smoothly.

“We’re pleased to find a solution that makes us more efficient and at the same time benefits the environment.”

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