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Port Sudan closures forces shortened voyages for shipping lines

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Ongoing anti-government protests at Port Sudan have crippled supply chains in the nation, forcing major shipping lines to forego sailings to the North African port.

Members of Sudan’s Eastern Beja tribe began protests in September, blockading the main port in Sudan, leaving vessels and trucks stranded and stalling the nation’s critical commercial entry point.

In a customer advisory on 20 October, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) told customers that the terminals ceasing operations at Port Sudan has created uncertainty on the berthing prospects of vessels, causing substantial delays.

“This unfortunate situation makes it unreasonable to continue the carriage of their shipment to Port Sudan as initially intended,” MSC wrote.

“Therefore, MSC is left with no other choice to announce end of voyage at King Abdulla Port for all container types including reefer and dry cargo in accordance with clause 19 of our Bill of Lading and Sea Waybill Terms and Conditions. 

“Cargo will be at your disposal for pick up on your own account (clause 19.1(c)) after payment of due costs and local charges.

“Due to risk of cargo deterioration and damages to MSC reefer equipment we invite the merchant to take delivery as soon as possible.”

MSC noted that it will continue to monitor the situation closely to resume service at the port.

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