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Port of Rotterdam joins working group on AI and big data

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The Port of Rotterdam Authority will work together with a group of maritime and technology experts to research and build strategies to utilise big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

In a statement the Port said it had joined the Dutch Artificial Intelligence Coalition (NL AIC), which it described as “a dedictaed working group for the Port and Maritime Sector”.

Other participants include the Municipality of Rotterdam, InnovationQuarter, Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), Delft University of Technology and SmartPort. The goal, the statement said, is to “develop a coordinated vision and strategy for common challenges and jointly support promising propositions.”

The group will work to build the required knowledge, expertise and results based on five themes, which it calls “building blocks”, that play a key role in AI:

  • Data Exchange
  • Human Capital
  • Social Acceptance and Inclusion
  • Research and Innovation
  • Start-ups and Scale-ups

“Over the next five years,” it said, “the Port and Maritime working group plans to give major impetus to the development of datafication and AI in the Port and Maritime domain. The working group has now made a start with realising this ambition.

“AI can be used in a huge array of technological applications within this sector. On the one hand, the global Port and Maritime market is expected to present new opportunities for international collaboration.

“On the other, it will also be fiercely competitive. That’s why it is important for the sector to develop an autonomous ability to implement key AI technology and expand the required knowledge and expertise.”


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