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Port of Oakland prepares for arrival of mega-cranes

Port of Oakland prepares for arrival of cranes
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The Port of Oakland is preparing to receive the largest cranes in its history as it increases terminal capacity and handle the biggest containerships in the world.

The three new cranes will have a lift height of 174 feet above the dock and be able to reach 225 feet across a ship’s deck. When the crane booms are in the raised position, they will reach more than 400 feet above the wharf.

Built by Chinese-state-owned port equipment manufacturer ZPMC, the cranes were ordered by Stevedoring Services of America (SSA) and are being transported from China.

Port of Oakland Executive Director Danny Wan said, “”These cranes will keep the Port of Oakland competitive so that we can continue to attract the largest vessels calling North America.

“Ultimately, bigger cranes at our waterfront translate into maritime and related jobs for the region.”

Port of Oakland Maritime Director Bryan Brandes said, ““There’s no better demonstration of our maritime partner’s faith in the Port of Oakland, than investing in these huge ship-to-shore cranes.”

SSA Containers President Edward DeNike, also commented, “Taller cranes are needed for efficiently handling cargo that arrives on ultra-large container ships.

“This new infrastructure is a commitment to the Port that we will continue our maritime business at Oakland well into the future.”

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