Port of Genoa

Port of Genoa

The Port of Genoa is the major Italian seaport and one of Europe’s busiest trade hubs. It serves as a major outlet for industrial products in Northern Italy and most of Central Europe.

Genoa and Savona process more than 15 million electronic import and export documents a year, as well as managing approximately 20,000 users, 1,500 companies and six container terminals.

With a trade volume of 51.6 million tonnes, it is the busiest port of Italy by cargo tonnage. The port is also used as a dismantling station when necessary and was recently named as the port where the Costa Concordia was to be dismantled.

The port has recently become the 40th member of the International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA).

Port of Genoa
Port of Genoa

Container and Multipurpose Terminals

Every year, over 2.6 million TEUS pass through the terminals in the Ports of Genoa and Savona Vado.

The container terminals are: PSA Genova PRA’, SECH, VADO Gateway – APM Terminals Vado Ligure S.P.A and Calata Bettolo Container Terminal (Under Constructions).

The Ports of Genoa and Savona Vado feature a number of specialised terminals that offer transport solutions for all types of commodities that cannot be loaded in containers like general cargo (cellulose and timber, fruit and perishable goods ….), rolling stock (lorries, new motor vehicles, machinery, railway vehicles…) or special cargos (project cargo, heavy-lift and oversize cargo).

The multipurpose terminals are: C. Steinweg– GMT, FO.RE.S.T. S.P.A., Intermodal Marine Terminal (IMT) – Messina Group, Reffer Temrinal S.P.A.,Savona Terminal Auto, Savona Terminal S.P.A., Spinelli S.R.L Genoa Port Terminal, Terminal San Giorgio S.R.L. and Vado Ligure: Foreship.

The port authority

The port authority, which encompasses Italy’s largest container port in Genoa and nearby Savona-Vado Ligure, has joined the organization to support its integration of ‘Port Community Systems’, as well as enhancing and developing new functions and modules.

In 2016 the Italian government reformed the governance of the country’s port network with the aim of improving efficiency and increasing the capacity to stimulate economic growth.

Governance of the Italian ports has been assigned to fifteen Port Authorities, led by a President assisted by a streamlined Management Committee, which also play a key role as proactive European TEN-T networkers.

The Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority has been assigned the joint management of the ports of Genoa, Savona and Vado Ligure, which together rank as Italy’s leading port cluster, as the Rhine-Alpine Corridor’s last Mediterranean port of call and as the gateway port to Southern Europe.

Port of Genoa Vision 2022

The Ports of Genoa have pledged to:

  • Strengthen their position as centre of cargo handling excellence in the heartland of Europe and to boost their role as business partner for international shippers and major logistics players;
  • Establish their leadership as a “Fast-trading” port across the Rhine-Alpine Corridor, integrated in a fully digital supply chain;
  • Forge constructive mutual relations with the local communities, creating opportunities for green development and offering a regenerated waterfront for residents and tourists alike.

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