Port of Amsterdam rolls out new smart onshore power cabinets in unit overhaul


The Port of Amsterdam will replace all existing shoreside power units with smart green power cabinets by the end of 2021 as part of the port’s clean energy overhaul.

The shore power cabinets can be operated using the Park-line app, indicating how much power is needed by customers.

The boxes are sustainable, not only by reducing the need for ships to use emission-producing generators when docking but also the cabinets themselves produce green electricity.

Payment is also made via the app, which measures powers consumption accurately.

The Port of Amsterdam also notes that engineers can repair faults faster, with the smart boxes able to detect problems immediately.

The boxes send a signal to engineers immediately, allowing engineers to locate and alleviate any faults.

The cabinets can also be controlled remotely, for example by resetting the earth leakage switch. Engineers will no longer have to be at the site every time there is a malfunction.

The rollout of the smart onshore power units is the latest from the European ports community to build shoreside power capabilities for incoming vessels.

However it will “be a while” before the new shore-based power units are available everywhere within the ring (A10) of Amsterdam, the port noted.

Steve Faerber, head of Asset Management and Projects, said, “The contractor is currently building the first units. We will test the first cabinet in two months’ time.

“If this test goes well, we will install the cabinet on site and carry out a second test. If this test also goes well, we will roll out the cabinets throughout the port.

“The plan is for the new shore power cabinets to be installed everywhere within the ring road by the end of this year.”

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