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Port of Amsterdam eyes ‘transition to sustainable society’ in new Strategic Plan

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The Port of Amsterdam is seeking to become the “leading European Sea port” in the transition to a sustainable society following the approval of the port’s Strategic Plan.

The City of Amsterdam approved the port’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025, setting out the port’s choices for the next four years.

Port of Amsterdam is pursuing seven objectives in the plan: including 95% of all shipping arriving and leaving the port on time; 12.5% of growth in storage capacity for alternative fuels; and overall CO2 reduction of 10%.

The three strategic choices involve the Port enabling customers, cargos, and operations to grow more sustainably, through linking producers of sustainable energy to existing clients in the port, or ensuring one party’s residual flow could become another party’s raw material for usage.

The Port also aims to become more transparent in the shipping process, optimising the process of the flow of goods and information exchange between all shipping stakeholders.

For the port’s infrastructure, the Port of Amsterdam is developing a new sea lock and stronger hinterland connections for multimodal transport.

Shoreside power was highlighted as a target for the port, as well as hydrogen fueling stations and renewable fuel bunkering facilities.

Port of Amsterdam is working on the availability of green hydrogen, steam, CO2, and the reinforcement of the electricity network.

Koen Overtoom, CEO of Port of Amsterdam, commented, “The great thing about this strategy is that we developed it together with clients and other stakeholders.

“It has ambition and we are also taking our responsibility as a sustainable, economic engine for the region.

“At the same time, this ensures we will remain a strong player in Europe, which connects us to the world and makes us an important economic factor.”

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