One Dead After Ship Catches Fire at UAE Port

 15 May 2017 09.13am

A fire that engulfed a ship carrying petroleum products has claimed the life of one person at Al Hamriya Port, Sharjah, UAE, and injured up to four others.

The incident, shown in the video above from Humans At Sea, took place at 5:29am local time on May 13, 2017, and was brought under control by the coast guard, Sharjah Civil Defense and Al Hamriyah Port by the afternoon. 

Varying reports indicate that up to 16 crew members had to be evacuated from the ship, resulting in four being taken to hospital due to their injuries.

Diesel was stopped from spilling into the sea to prevent any further pollution.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Sharjah is home to three of the finest deep water harbours in the United Arab Emirates.

Port Technology has contacted Sharjah Ports Authority for further information.

Another port in the UAE had a dangerous incident this month when a container ship hit a quay crane at Terminal 1 in Jebel Ali Port, Dubai.

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