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ONE Enables MOL, K LINE & NYK Data Sharing

ONE Enables MOL, K LINE & NYK Data Sharing

Major Japanese carriers K LINE, MOL, and NYK have begun sharing operational data through Ocean Network Express (ONE) the shipping alliance through which they share infrastructure and technology.

In a statement from ONE, the data is acquired through the monitoring system installed in their participants’ container ships through the IoS-Open Platform (IoS-OP) promoted by Ship Data Center (ShipDC).

As K LINE, MOL, and NYK have managed the data by different frameworks, ONE is required to carry out data conversion.

Exclusive Paper: Read the technical paper: ‘IoT and 5G Potentialities in Ports and Terminals’

With the automatic conversion function of IoS-OP to standard names in accordance with ISO19848 provided by ShipDC, the burden of conversion of data is reduced resulting in a simplified analysis and management of the integrated operating data of the ONE fleet.

According to a statement, ONE aims to use this data to improve the accuracy of performance evaluations of individual vessel and machinery, and to achieve safer and more efficient vessel operations.

This data sharing will significantly increase the volume of ship operational data distributed through IoS-OP, and further contribute to acceleration of data collection, distribution, and utilization through IoS-OP within the maritime industry.

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