IoT & 5G Potentialities in Ports & Terminals

IoT & 5G Potentialities in Ports & Terminals

Tim Paridaens, Thomas Uyttendaele and Indra Vonck, Deloitte

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This paper discusses various types of business use cases of IoT and 5G and outlines how relevant they are to digital ports, connected infrastructure, connected port ecosystems, and connected human and cybersecurity. 

With the rapid digitization of the transportation and logistics (T&L) network, traditional supply chain thinking – being linear and independent – is giving way to an interconnected, open system of supply operations: data now flows from a port’s authority, through the terminal operator, and then to the shipping line in a real time dynamic way. Within the wider T&L sector, companies have begun experimenting with a range of connectivity and data-enabled technologies. In aggregate, these technologies form the Internet of Things (IoT), which represents a convergence between the physical and digital worlds, ultimately using data and artificial intelligence (AI) as a source of value.

As AI standardizes across industries, becoming an AI-fuelled organization will likely be necessary for survival. This means rethinking the way humans and machines interact within working environments such as ports and shipping. Supporting the connectivity of a new technology ecosystem is one of the three primary 5G use cases – the other two are capacity enhancement (mobile broadband) and ultra-high reliability (low latency). However, there are still several bottlenecks that need to be addressed prior to the intended 5G launch in 2020. Leveraging technologies in this context requires fully embedded technologies at the core of the organization. The new disruptive and innovative environment of today requires mastering the art of change to transform and create a meaningful business impact.

  5G, AI, ML & Exponential Tech      Automation and Optimisation, Supply Chain

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5G, AI, ML & Exponential Tech


Edition 83 focuses on the technology that will change everything: 5G. All the future technologies depend upon this, including AI, machine learning and many forms of port technology

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