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Oakland Plays Host to Major Electric Vehicle Initiative

Oakland Plays Host to Major Electric Vehicle Initiative

GSC Logistics, a major freight hauler based in the Port of Oakland, has said it will explore the potential of battery-powered trucks and wants to purchase two electric big rigs by October, as part of its goal to cut emissions.

PTI Technical Paper: Smart Master Planning for Smarter Ports

According to a statement, GSC said it will acquire two 13-ton electric trucks with assistance from state grants. The rigs would have both have twin 241-horsepower battery-driven motors and each would be able to travel 125 miles on a battery charge.

The new electric trucks, according to GSC, will be heavier than previous models due to its battery weight. The company hauls the equivalent of 120,000 20-foot containers annually through Oakland and began testing electric trucks 18 months ago.

 The vehicles are expected to contribute to the Port’s stated goal of achieving zero-emission cargo-handling. GSC is part of a four-company strong group including – Impact Transportation, Oakland Maritime Support Services and ConGlobal – that currently use electric vehicles near the Port.

GSC Director of Transportation Brandon Taylor had this to say: “Our first tractor is fine moving containers around the Port…it does the job.

“Now we want to test these new trucks on the road – the manufacturer says they can haul fully loaded containers 55 miles per hour up a steep grade.”

Port of Oakland Environmental Programs and Planning Director Richard Sinkoff also commented: “We’re grateful to these firms for taking a chance on battery power.

“We can’t get to zero emissions without pioneers to lead the charge.”

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