NEW PAPER: How ‘Smart’ is the New ‘Small’


A new and exclusive paper from end-to-end solution provider CyberLogitec outlines a vision for the future of the port and terminal sector, charting the digital transformation witnessed in recent times.

The paper strikes an optimistic tone for forward thinking ports and terminals, and takes a unique angle on emphasising how small and medium size ports can compete in the present market.

Author of the paper Jake Jung-Taek Kim writes: “A significant trend in favour of smaller players is the rise of smart port solutions tuned to their needs.

Read the CyberLogitec Technical Paper: Smart is the New Small

“Most TOS solutions are primarily designed for container handling ports. Yet, many small and midsized terminals operate with both containerized and general cargo handling.

“With more and more carriers starting or expanding their multipurpose services, we are seeing a comeback trend of break bulk cargo, which is proving to be a fast-growing forte for small and midsized ports to meet this change of tides.”

CyberLogitec remains a renowned global leader in advanced technological solutions for shipping, terminals, and logistics.

By aiming to leverage cutting-edge technologies and extensive industrial experience, the company aims to make time and space at the world’s ports more valuable.

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In this mould, Jake Jung-Taek Kim outlines a look to the utilization of cloud services in the paper, while looking to start small, stating: “Forward-thinking ports are smart. They know big change can start small.

“Whether is it to begin by automating a particular section of yard processes, or connecting a pool of people who used to work in isolation, complexities can be reduced and efficiencies gained along with new opportunities for optimization and, yes, innovation.

“Small ports also know that if there’s a will, there’s a way. And one of these ways is a cloud-based solution… For ports of every size, cloud-based is synonymous with lower upfront costs, quicker set up and deployment centrally from the cloud.”

This paper is part of the recently released Automation in 2018 ebook. 

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