New BAPLIE Updates Allow File Conversion for Shipping


BAPLIE Viewer Online, a shipping industry website used to visualize, summarize, and edit BAPLIE files, has announced the release of new file conversion functionalities available within the tool.

The updates (listed below) include new file upload features, custom mapping options and calculations as well as BAPLIE Viewer file creation and conversion for additional software platforms.

BAPLIE Viewer is an online platform that provides container cargo operators with a customizable environment to handle SMDG UN/EDIFACT BAPLIE EDI files, which advise the exact stowage positions of the cargo on board of an ocean vessel in accordance with company operations and industry standards.

Additional development updates such as the ability to perform Discharge/Restow/Load operations will come in the next phase of updates, which has a target completion date of Q3 2018.

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New features:

  • Create a BAPLIE file from an Excel file

  • Convert a BAPLIE file to a MOVINS file

  • Upload MOVINS files

  • Custom calculations for TEU usage

  • Custom mapping options for converting ISO and UNLOC codes

Mark Traynor, CEO of BAPLIE Viewer, said: “Developing new features based on user feedback has been essential for the growth of BAPLIE Viewer Online.

“Creating a BAPLIE file by importing data from an Excel spreadsheet is something small terminals around the world have needed for a long time. This feature now enables facilities without a TOS to seamlessly work with larger operators by providing an online platform where they can easily read and create BAPLIE files.

“For terminal operators, the ability to convert a BAPLIE file into a MOVINS file is a powerful new feature which allows operators to send changes to planned stowage to carriers and ship captains for approval in a way that is easier for the recipient to process.” 

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