Navis Video Explores Collaboration with Hamburg Süd

 16 Jan 2018 05.02pm

Navis has discussed the topic of collaboration in the ocean supply chain with Andreas Mrozek, Global Head, Marine & Terminal Operations at Hamburg Süd.

Hamburg Süd is a global carrier with 116 containerships, a slot capacity of 590,000 TEU with 50 liner services, and the market leader in global North-South trade routes.

Navis, part of Cargotec Corporation, is a provider of operational technologies and services for organizations across the shipping supply chain

In Navis’ new video, Mrozek has revealed the benefits of connecting terminal operators and ocean carriers on a shared, open collaboration platform.

Mrozek said: “It’s not in reality collaboration between two individual entities, but it’s collaboration between two complex networks.”

Hamburg Süd is one of many carriers that use a Navis-backed cloud-based vessel stowage collaboration system called XVELA.

The technology enables communication between ship stowage and terminal cargo handling.

The collaboration between carriers and terminals was discussed at TOC Europe 2017 with XVELA’s Guy Rey-Herme, CEO and President:

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