Navis Releases N4 3.6 TOS, Hits 12 Million TEU Capacity


Navis has released N4 3.6, the newest version of its flagship terminal operating software (TOS), supporting mega terminals up to 12 million TEU in capacity.

With key enhancements and new features that focus on supporting performance and scalability for mega terminal activity, Navis has refined the TOS upgrade process and improving the overall customer experience with its next-generation UI. 

As part of the overall system performance improvements, Navis continues to invest in rail and automated guided vehicles (AGV) enhancements to contribute to driving customer productivity higher.

Navis has also made improvements to the Rail Scheduler, aimed at reducing the average gantry distance to increase moves.

In addition, N4’s impact upon horizontal transport improvements is reducing idling time both for AGV and AutoShuttle equipment types.

The N4 3.6 next-gen user interface (UI) has a new HTML UI for customer adoption.

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With access to multiple modes including desktop and laptop, N4 3.6 also offers a redesigned user experience for the Business Intelligence Portal, focusing on optimal query performance and refreshed dashboards for gate and yard operations.

These changes are the result of close customer collaboration in an effort to reduce the customization efforts for business intelligence implementations.

N4 3.6 also includes several new features to improve the TOS upgrade experience.

Read the latest Port Technology technical paper by Navis for more information on the digitization of supply chains in the container shipping industry

Navis has enabled its customers on previous versions of N4 to upgrade as quickly and easily as possible without causing disruption.

With this release, N4 will reduce the time required to upgrade and improve the overall upgrade experience.

Raj Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, Navis, commented: “To date, one of the major limitations for shipping lines to consider when building their new mega vessels is terminal infrastructure limits.

“By partnering with Navis and implementing N4 3.6, mega terminals are one step closer to a comprehensive solution that can effectively manage the rise in incoming cargo volume.

“Navis is on the front line at these terminals and we’re constantly evaluating the functionality of N4 to determine where we can make system management and performance improvements to best meet our customers’ needs.”

Andy Barrons, Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President at Navis, has discussed digital issues within the container shipping industry:

Read more: Luis A. Ayala Colón Sucrs, a Puerto Rican shipping agency, has selected Navis’ N4 TOS for its San Juan, Puerto Rico-based terminal

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