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MOL Adds Connected Hazard Map to Ship System

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Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) is adding a hazard map to a system used on board its ships for navigation called the Captain's Dynamic Operation System for Counter planning and Analysis.

The content of the hazard map includes past incidents such as vessel groundings and the lessons learnt from them.

It also includes information on other shipping companies' vessels, displays of hazardous sea areas and regions subject to special regulations, and weather information shared by MOL Group vessels in operation.



The system also reduces the workload on crewmembers, freeing them from the need to collect too much pre-voyage information.

In the future, MOL plans to enhance the system's functions by introducing voyage information that can be shared among operated vessels in real time through the internet.

It will also add information that meets the specific needs of individual vessels.

NYK Line also recently developed a support tool that enables officers to better manage and share navigational information.

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