Microsoft: Maersk’s Digital Transformation

 11 Apr 2018 09.49am

The latest video from Microsoft’s “Disruption Defined: the Road to Digital”, a series showcasing innovative business leaders who utilize digital solutions for a competitive advantage, focuses on Maersk and their efforts to improve customer engagement, asset tracking and management, and risk mitigation.

In the video, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business Judson Althoff, speaks with Maersk’s Chief Information Officer Adam Banks and Chief Digital Officer Ibrahim Gokcen on what opportunities the digital revolution offers to Maersk.

Speaking on the challenges of container shipping across the worldwide supply chain, Adam Banks comments: “connecting the paperwork flow, the data flow, with the physical flow gives the ability to make choices in real-time”, a position not possible in previous years.

Read the "Digital Container Shipping: The Path Toward Intelligent Supply Chains" technical paper for further reading on digital initiatives in the global supply chain

Ibrahim Gokcen then gives an overview of the potential value from interconnected assets, stating that the possibilities of using AI and machine with operational big data harvested from digitized assets will create “unique value for our customers and for the world at large”.

Judson Althoff summarises the digital transformation of Maersk succinctly, saying: “In many ways, you are becoming a software as a service company in the cloud”. 

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