Infographic: The Breadth of Indian Trade

 22 Feb 2016 03.53pm

An infographic released by freight forwarders Tuscor Lloyds shows India’s position as a treasure trove for future port and economic growth.

As a nation, India is rapidly climbing the ranks as one of the largest trading countries in the world, having shifted more than a billion tonnes of cargo in 2015.

This amount is anticipated to increase to more than 1.7 billion tonnes by 2017.

Technical Paper: Krishnapatnam Port: driving Indian growth

India’s 12 major ports are set to receive more than US$10 billion in the next five years as part of India’s ‘Sagar Mala’ initiative, which aims to focus on four key areas of port development.

The four areas of development are: port connectivity improvement, port modernisation, port-led industrial development and coastal community development.

Technical Paper: Ports and Terminals in India

India is also currently cited as the fifth largest automotive market in the world, with the globe’s second largest population (1.25 billion).

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