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Indian Ports Axed from Smart City Vision

The Indian government has announced plans to discontinue the development of a smart port city surrounding the major ports in Mumbai and Kolkata. 

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The government has planned to build wider roads, advanced townships and special economic zones, along with ship-breaking and ship-building centres, as part of each port’s transformation to a smart port city.

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Nitin Gadkari,  Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping for India, said: “The government has taken a decision to develop smart cities around all the major ports across the country barring Kolkata and Mumbai.

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“Each port will construct one smart city. We are trying to do this. Each city will be built with an expenditure of about US$3-4 billion. These will be green smart cities.”

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PTI previously reported India’s plan to build a smart city at each of India’s 12 major ports for a total cost of $8 billion.

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