Hyster-Yale Reveal Robotics Solution

 15 Jan 2016 11.25am

Hyster-Yale Group has reached a consensus with robotics specialist Balyo Inc. to market self-guided trucks in North America. The agreement is intended to offer high-productivity solutions for the materials handling industry with, Balyo aiming to accelerate adoption of its innovative robotic solutions.

French company, Balyo technology enables trucks to navigate without the help of any reflectors, wires or magnets; the technology selects structural elements of a facility to build a map.

Once a map is created, each self-guided truck compares, in real time, what its navigation module sees against the stored map, allowing the truck to self-locate, and move along its intended path.

Fact File: Balyo specialises in the design, engineering and manufacturing of autonomous driving forklifts based on standard trucks. While, Hyster-Yale Group designs, engineers, manufactures, sell and services a line of lift trucks.

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