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Horgos Port sees 34.3% increase in China-Europe freight trains

Freight train yard at night.
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Horgos Port in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region has handled 4,900 China-Europe freight trains this year as of 10 October 2021, according to Xinhua.

According to the Railways Department of Horgos, the port handled 4,748 China-Europe freight trains during the period of January to September 2021.

The total rail freight volume in Horgos, China’s closest port to central Asia and Europe by land transport, reached 6.8 million tonnes, up to 48.5% year on year. This included an export freight volume of more than 3.9 million tonnes, up 32.7% year on year, reported Xinhua.

The port currently has 44 freight train lines passing through the port, linking its operations to 45 cities in 18 countries.

Additionally, Xinhua also reported that Alataw Pass, also in Xinjiang, handled 4,510 China-Europe freight trains through the period starting 1 January to 6 October 2021.

China has been boosting its intermodal links: one recent example saw the establishment of a new trade route via Myanmar following the successful arrival of goods at Chengdu International Railway Port.

Announced in September 2021, the new trade route shortens the transportation distance by between 20 to 22 days, connecting lines of Singapore, Myanmar, and China.

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