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China bolsters trade routes with new Myanmar freight link

Aerial View Freight Transportation At Night
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China has established a new trade route via Myanmar following the successful arrival of goods at Chengdu International Railway Port.

Chinese media outlet ECNS reported that goods were shipped from Singapore to the Myanmar port of Yangon, and then transferred by road transport to Lincang in China’s southwest Yunnan Province.

The goods were then transported through rail to Chengdu, a logistics lynchpin in the Sichuan province, the media outlet reported.

This three-day cargo test, completed on 27 August, was the first of the new China-Myanmar New Passage (Yangon-Lincang-Chengdu), utilising sea-road-rail intermodal transport to Chengdu International Railway Port.

Shortening the transportation distance by between 20 to 22 days, the one-way journey connects the logistics lines of Singapore, Myanmar, and China.

The new route will also be a new channel for southwest China to enter the Atlantic Ocean via the Indian Ocean, a first link for western China.

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