Hirschmann Unveil New Weighing Method


Hirschmann MSC has launched a new magnetic fSENS MLS force sensor which provides a new way to efficiently comply with the new SOLAS requirement by weighing containers by indirectly measuring the force they apply to the twistlock during loading.

This approach can be flexibly implemented regardless of whether an RTG, RMG, STS crane, a reach stacker, or a straddle carrier is used.

Static or dynamic weighing takes only moments, and the system can be quickly and easily integrated into existing material-handling processes. It also eliminates the need to laboriously add up individual weights.

For this solution, Hirschmann MCS relies on contactless magnetic measurement. The fSENS MLS is installed above the twistlock bush, surrounding the twistlock without actually touching it.

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The twistlock stretches when a load is applied, then contracts to its initial state when unloaded. The sensor generates a magnetic field that is altered by the stretching of the twistlock, and the sensor calculates the force by measuring this change.

Weights can be accurately determined within a tolerance of less than 1% and the contactless measurement approach reliably prevents zero drift when weighing heavier loads.

Because the sensor itself is not directly subjected to any forces, it cannot be damaged, bent, or broken, no matter how heavy the load is.

Nor does it move when the twistlock is locked or unlocked. It is therefore impossible for constantly changing loads to wear it out or cause its failure, for instance by breaking a cable. It isn’t necessary to remove the fSENS MLS in order to replace the twistlock.

The fSENS MLS has an IP67 protection rating and is resistant to saltwater. Its electromagnetic compatibility complies with the 2004/108/EC directive.

For weighing containers, Hirschmann MCS integrates the fSENS MLS in a complete system comprising other TÜV-certified components.

Whitepaper: Container Weighing Explained

Its heart is a cSCALE controller that acts as a scale. Both the controller and the fSENS MLS have been certified by the International Organization of Legal Metrology.

All it takes to install and use the system is a power source. Other modifications and additions, including a communication link to the terminal operating system, are also easy to implement. The fSENS MLS can also be additionally used to measure overloads.

Port operators can gain a competitive edge by offering shippers in-port weighing facilities as an additional service.

This former member of the PAT-Krüger Group has accumulated half a century’s worth of experience and technical expertise in connection with port applications, both as a supplier of OEM equipment and for the aftermarket.

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