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Hamburg Kick-Starts Elbe Expansion

Hamburg Kick-Starts Elbe Expansion

The Port of Hamburg has said the expansion of the Elbe River has officially begun after the Scheldt River, a hopper dredger, arrived and initiated the project.

According to a statement, the dredging of the Elbe will increase Hamburg’s ability to serve the largest ships in the world.

Credit: The Port of Hamburg/YouTube

The port is already ‘megaship ready’ and capable of handling vessels carrying 20,000 TEU. Once the dredging is complete, ocean-going ships will be able to leave Hamburg with a draft of 13.50 meters and containerships will be able to transport approximately 1800 more TEU per call.

The ‘passing box’ downstream from Hamburg will the Elbe navigable for megaships in both directions without existing restrictions.

PTI Technical Paper – The Port of Hamburg: A 5G Testing Ground

Axel Mattern, Joint CEO, Port of Hamburg Marketing, said the announcement meant the Port, already Germany’s biggest could improve its global presence.

“This is very good news for our trading and shipping customers in the German and European hinterland and all our worldwide business partners,” Mattern said.

“We have waited a long time for today and are now hoping for rapid implementation.”

As well as increasing its TEU capacity, the Port is also looking to improve digital processes. A 5G pilot conducted with Nokia and Deutsche Telekom was recently completed, a story PTI reported on, and demonstrated the technology’s potential to increase operational efficiencies.

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