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Consultancy giant Mott MacDonald will sponsor Port Technology International’s GreenTech 2023 conference in Hamburg on 22 February 2023. Craig Lucas, Global Lead for Energy Transformation at Mott MacDonald, sits down with Jack Donnelly, Editor, Port Technology International, on why now was the right time to partner with the event.

Why has Mott MacDonald partnered with PTI’s GreenTech for the first time?

CL: Transport and energy are huge parts of Mott MacDonald’s business, and the two are intersecting in transformative ways as the clean technology revolution gathers pace.

In the ports sector, we are seeing rapid moves towards electrification and the use of alternative fuels, while there is rapid growth in the proportion of renewables in the energy mix, energy storage, and energy management, all enabled by digitalisation.

The attraction of GreenTech is having a direct dialogue with port owners, operators, and port authorities who face the colossal challenge of meeting net-zero 2050 requirements.

At GreenTech, we are interested in talking to port owners and operators about their pain points and possible enablers.

Craig Lucas, Global Lead for Energy Transformation, Mott MacDonald

How does Mott MacDonald have experience in industry decarbonisation?

CL: We have been helping to decarbonise capital projects and infrastructure operations for well over two decades and the scale of activity and level of ambition has surged in the last five to 10 years. Mott MacDonald colleagues wrote the international standard for managing infrastructure carbon, PAS 2080 – it’s a ‘how to’ guide for decarbonisation. We’ve got lots of experience working as part of green supply chains and also helping clients with procurement and commercial arrangements for low carbon projects – we know how to put the value chain together.

Globally, we’re seeing a move towards green logistics chains.

A recent gamechanger is the power of digitalisation. We’re in partnership with Envision Digital who specialise in using data and real-time digital communication to identify and implement operational efficiencies.  

Together, we have the ability to help port clients make real inroads towards net-zero – to build capability and develop solutions that in a port environment can be applied on a repeat basis.

Decarbonisation will help clients protect the value of their assets, attract investment, and win new business from customers and carriers who themselves are seeking to decarbonise – globally, we’re seeing a move towards green logistics chains.

How can the industry improve on its green technology journey?

CL: When you take stock of how well the infrastructure sector is decarbonising, a few pioneers stand out: those organisations have cut carbon from construction programmes by 60-70 per cent, and over 40 per cent from their operations. Alongside that, they’ve achieved capital and operational cost savings, improved safety, health and environmental performance, and improved customer and investor relations. They’ve transformed their businesses.

But most infrastructure owners are moving much too slowly.

Considering climate science, as presented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is indisputable that we have to get to net-zero by 2050.

Many parts of the ports sector as well as all the other sort of infrastructure sectors need to move faster. We need to see more appreciation of environmental and social imperatives. We also need to see much stronger awareness of the financial industry Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which requires all major companies to assess and report their climate risks. Those that don’t decarbonise in line with targets based on climate science are likely to find it harder to attract investment or get insurance in future.

Why should others come to GreenTech 2023?

CL: We know there are lot of companies facing the same challenges and potentially considering or undertaking similar projects. We want people to compare notes and learn from each other. We recognise that ports are competitive, but rapid decarbonisation requires collaboration.

This is an opportunity to network with peers and build understanding.

This is an opportunity to network with peers and build understanding. Sharing experience and knowledge will build confidence to conduct pilot projects and scale up learnings so that we can start to rapidly shift carbon emissions towards net zero. This is an important point for the industry.

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