Future Visions interview: Achieving operational excellence with automation


In partnership with Inform

In Inform’s first interview of 2021, the company speaks with Oscar Pernia, Director of Digitalization and Automation at Terminal Investment Limited (TIL), about his views of the future of the ports and terminals industry.

Pernia said that today, on a general level, there are still a lot of problems to solve in order to achieve operational excellence with automation, but also the overall framework of terminals needs to be safer, more secure, and more sustainable.

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“This applies not only to the internal aspects I’ve been saying are relevant but also to creating a new way for managing terminals and making them more transparent and sensitive assets for the supply chain,” he said.

He also highlighted safety and security as aspects that continue to be increasingly important and not to simply focus on what automation can offer in terms of better efficiencies and cost saving.

Cybersecurity also continues to be a strong requirement.

“[Cybersecurity is] not only a requirement but an area we need to focus on when we design the solution and later when we implement the solution and move into live operations. It is very important to include solution design and implementation but also the operational IT practices and specialized staff at terminals to ensure strict policy compliance and proactive monitoring,” Pernia said.

Looking to the 2030s and the decade that follows Pernia said that current technology trends are likely to continue.

“We need to make sure they are affecting the industry with a meaningful impact, not just marketing hype – and this covers a more connected and real-time supply chain, a more inclusive social and equal workforce, and the new competences established by digitalization and artificial intelligence among other broader trends like sustainability.

“In 2030, my expectation is that we will be more precise and aware about our impact and the growing importance of our focus beyond efficiency, and that everybody will much better understand why we need automation and the expected value from it,” he said.

What is 2038: Future Vision?

2038: Future Visions is a series of interviews from leading maritime logistics professionals who share their view of what the future of our industry will look like in the year 2038. It is brought to you in partnership with Port Technology. 2038: Future Visions builds on the award-winning book 2038: A Smart Port Story Inform published in 2019.

What is 2038: A Smart Port Story?

2038: A Smart Port Story explores the terminal of the future and the intricacies of technology and its impact on both the port industry and society. Join Douglas as he unravels the mystery around an incident at the Port of Reykjavik, which sees an AGV collide with a human leaving their life hanging perilously in the balance.

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