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Friday Focus: DP World’s Automated Container Stacking

Friday Focus: DP World’s Automated Container Stacking

A new flyover video from DP World has given a glimpse of the automated stacking yard at its London Gateway terminal, detailing its state-of-the-art landside interchange zone.

London Gateway has 60 automated stacking cranes (ASC) in total – 30 for landside and 30 for ships-side.

These operate across 30 modules, each with six vehicle bays, and are capable of operating in wind-speed up to 28 meters per second (M/S).

One ASC can lift 41 tonnes under the spreader and the crane can straddle up to one over five high cube containers. The average truck turnaround is around 35 minutes.

On December 17, DP World announced plans to revolutionize container storage and handling with a new technology which will stack containers in eleven story racks, which it says will increase capacity by 200%.

To read a reaction to DP World’s latest innovation from Kris Kosmala, General Manager Asia Pacific at Quintiq, click here.     

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