Eco-Friendly Tech Experts’ Guide to Green Dredging


Dredging is a key component of port and terminal expansion and is vital to helping major industry players keep up with greater customer demand, particularly with the growing demand of megaships.

The practice of dredging doesn’t have an eco-friendly reputation and is associated with pollution, contaminated soils and high CO2 emissions.

However, the positive effects of dredging are often overlooked and the process can have a lasting impact on the environment and wildlife, according to a new blog by eco-friendly technology experts Dredge Yard.

Dredging, according to the company, “is becoming an increasingly important protective process” which focuses on “improvement of the environment and nature protection.”



What this means is that dredging is both an environmental and commercial imperative. Over time, due to the effects of weathering of erosion, sand, silt and debris get washed down river.

This results in blockages, and the more shallow the waterway, the worse they effects are. Consequently, waterways can become inaccessible to ships.

Furthermore, this can also cause water to flow over the river banks and flood surrounding areas and be a severe health risk for people, wildlife and businesses.

A recent Port Technology technical paper explored eco-efficiency in container terminals 

If left alone, waterways can suffer from contaminated soil, and if it is in close proximity to sizeable mining operations, it can also be affected by ‘tailing’ or leftover chemicals.

In its blog post, Dredge Yard says the dredging industry is focusing on new, innovative and green solutions, which can overcome the vast majority of environmentally damaging effects.


Credit: Dredge Yard 


One of these is the Adaptive Auger Head, which PTI reported on upon its release earlier in February 2019.

The key benefit of the Adaptive Auger Head is that it causes minimal turbidity and accurately removes the thinnest layers of sediment.

As well as that, the Water Injection ECO 150, a compact dredger is ideal for slit dredging and emits very small levels of CO2.

These are only two of the green technological innovations that have the potential to revolutionize dredging and port expansion and ensure the maritime industry has an eco-friendly future.

Read Dredge Yard’s blog All About Dredging & And The Environment here.

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