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DPW Crane Collision Investigation Concluding Next Month

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DP World has told Port Technology that the investigation into the incident involving a CMA-CGM containership colliding with its quay crane at Terminal 1 in Jebel Ali, Dubai on May 4, 2017, will finish in June.

The terminal operator reported that clearance of the collapsed crane is “following all necessary safety procedures” and is expected to finish early next month after starting on May 10. 

DP World added that, as a result of the combined efforts of the external emergency services and its internal safety teams, the ten people who sustained injuries have all been discharged since receiving medical treatment at either its terminal clinic or hospital.

There has also been no environmental impact and “only minimal disruption” to operations and customer service as a result of the incident.

A second quay crane that was struck but not toppled in the incident has been assessed for structural integrity but remains out of use pending further repair.  

DP World has reported that all those involved in the incident are cooperating fully with the investigation.

A DP World spokesperson said: “Our first priority is always the safety of our employees and visitors to our ports, as well as ensuring no adverse environmental impact at our global operations. 

“At the time of the incident we put all our resources into locating those affected as quickly as possible and providing necessary medical treatment. 

“We also quickly secured the area to prevent further harm to either people or the environment from any adverse conditions created by the incident.”

A single unverified source has pointed blame at the terminal operator since CCTV footage and images of the incident showing the immediate aftermath were shared online.

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