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CyberLogitec Launches Supply Chain Game Changer

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CyberLogitec, a leading provider of maritime port and terminal logistics operations technologies, has launched the new ALLEGRO SaaS, an integrated container carrier operations solution.

According to a statement, the new innovation will expand CyberLogitec’s comprehensive container carrier management portfolio, which is being used by leading global carriers such as Ocean Network Express (ONE), Pacific International Lines (PIL) and NileDutch.

The company says that with the ALLEGRO SaaS, container carriers will enjoy similar visibility and control of their end-to-end supply chain while paying only for the modular functions that they have selected.

Jason Hyeon, Managing Director, CyberLogitec Global, said: “ALLEGRO has been helping international carriers transform resource utilization and cargo yields, and we wanted the same success for regional carriers.

“With ALLEGRO SaaS, carriers can choose what they need and avoid hefty CapEx investments.

“As carriers streamline operations, they are freed up to focus on value creation. ALLEGRO SaaS will give regional carriers a real shot at leveling the playing field.”

A brand new Port Technology technical paper looked at the challenges of managing the global supply chain

It will be available in three tiers. Tier 1 – Foundation – will provide fundamental functionalities, such as Vessel Operations, Vessel Scheduling and Service Network Management to help carriers looking to kick-start their digital strategy.

The second tier – Operations – will include all Tier 1 functionalities, as well as core operations, to enhance efficiency and asset management. These include Container Movements, Container Master and Lease and Empty Container Repositioning.

Finally, the third tier – Full – contains all the functionality of Tiers 1 and 2, with additional commercial functionalities to optimize business yield management. These include Freight Rate Control, Booking and Documentation, Sales Force automation, Slot Allocation, Joint Operations Settlement and Container Sales Quotes.

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