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CyberLogitec Launches Blockchain Platform

CyberLogitec Launches Blockchain Platform

CyberLogitec, a provider of IT solutions for ports and terminals, has announced the launch of its own blockchain-based platform services, which have been developed in partnership with Damon Corp.

The blockchain platform, to be applied to all of CyberLogitec’s IT solutions from 2019, will offer a cryptographically-secured environment for efficient and transparent operations.

Initially, CyberLogitec will implement the technology for two platform-based software solutions: the digital freight trading service ‘FREIGHT9’, and inland truck platform ‘OPUS9’.

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Both FREIGHT9 and OPUS9 are solutions that enable maritime businesses to enjoy shipping without the need for intermediaries and paper-based documentation.

Following this trial phase, blockchain will be extended to the rest of CyberLogitec’s IT solutions.

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According to a statement from the company, the combination of blockchain and logistics will steer the industry towards greater efficiency, transparency and accuracy, changing the way carriers, shippers and forwarders operate.

A further statement from CyberLogitec read: “The company aims to set the highest standards of innovation and excellence in the logistics ecosystem.

“It is hoped that as the logistics industry players adopt blockchain technology, the full potential of blockchain will be realized, and global trade will be boosted.”

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