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CMPort to install world-leading port information system at Thessaloniki

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China Merchant Ports (CMPort) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with its subsidiary China Merchants Holdings Information Technology (CMHIT) to improve the Thessaloniki Port Authority’s port information system.

In a statement, CMPort said the three parties held a Cloud-based signing ceremony in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Greece.

According to the agreement, ThPa will become the first port to install CM Chip, CMHIT’s smart information service platform in Europe.

Credit: CMPort

CMPort says this is in order to improve the Thessaloniki Port Authority’s position as a vital hub for goods in and out of Europe.

Bai Jingtao, Managing Director, CMPort said: “The port of Thessaloniki is the largest comprehensive port in the Aegean Basin and the second largest container port in Greece. It has a long history, outstanding location and shipping advantages.

“It is not only the main import and export gateway in northern Greece, but also an important channel and logistics hub linking Europe and Asia.”

Furthermore, Jingtao described CM Chip as “one of the most advanced port operating systems in the world” and the success of the project will be a big part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Thanos Liagkos, Executive Chairman, ThPa, also commented:

“The signing of cooperation agreement with CMPort marks a major step forward for Thessaloniki Port Authority because this cooperation fully supports us achieving the promise of developing innovative strategies and sustainable operations, it will benefit the Greek economy and the supply chain in southeastern Europe.”

Wang Pei, General Manager, CMHIT, said, ” The CTOS project in Thessaloniki will be an important milestone for CMHIT to enter the IT market of European port and logistics industry.

“Through close cooperation with the ThPA project team, our IT team will adopt the most advanced technology, implement the latest system, provide the most high-quality services, apply the best practices of container terminals to ThPA.

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