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China To Go Nuclear in Turbulent Territory?


Despite a recent court ruling by The Hague in which it was decided China did not have sovereignty over the South China Sea, it has been reported by the New York Times that China may have plans to create floating Nuclear Power Plants to harness the energy needed to power all of the militarised islands in the region.

China has officially announced that it does not recognise the authority of The Hague on the issue, with the plans to develop their offshore platforms and man-made islands not as yet halted.

Chinese newspaper The Global Times reported there is much demand for floating nuclear plants to power islands in the region.

China’s rejection of The Hague ruling means further plans to build upon and militarise islands and waters in the South China Sea would involve one of the most popular shipping trade routes in the world.

Earlier in the year Beijing had claimed it was one of the freest and safest shipping lanes.

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