Awake.AI and Port of Rotterdam make first steps towards the autonomous future


The Port of Rotterdam has chosen Awake.AI as a smart port development partner to enable smart ships to make port calls in the future. 

The Port of Rotterdam seeks to host smart ships in the future and to achieve this objective, they wanted to create a digital twin of the actual port to test and learn about the transformational process for this smarter future, without risking their ongoing port operation.

Awake.AI’s solution was to enable smart shipping by creating a digital port and ship platform with digital handshakes between ships and ports through Awake’s own smart platform.

“The sheer magnitude with its over 85 thousand inland ships, over 29 thousand sea-going vessels and 469 million tonnes passing through each year, Port of Rotterdam is a massive operation – but ideal to simulate its every possible scenario for it to become the smartest port in the world,” explained Karno Tenovuo, CEO, Awake.AI.

This gives an excellent view on determining possible information gaps, standard development requirements and offers better overall optimization of port calls, according to the company.

For testing smart ships and digital port operations, a smart ship port call management system and simulator was created, which is not only simulating real world scenarios, but also demonstrating the impact of any given changes, before any physical changes would be made to the infrastructure of the port.

This provides a better operational planning capability and more efficient port calls. Awake.AI specializes in AI and machine learning (ML) in maritime logistics, and thus it was a natural choice for the Port of Rotterdam to work together with Awake.AI for exploring changes in Europe in the field of smart shipping and smart ports.

Awake.AI expects that the first physical smart vessels in commercial operation will already be operating by 2025. The first vessels can perform missions in or near the port area such as remote piloting.

“Awake.AI and Port of Rotterdam have made the first steps together towards the autonomous future. Awake.AI is a trusted partner to us enabling smart ships to make port calls. With their expertise and innovations, we strongly believe that together we can make a change in industry,” said Erwin Rademaker, Programme Manager, Port of Rotterdam.

In addition, as environmental concerns are highly important at the Port of Rotterdam, they are also committed to combating climate change and aim to play a leading role in the global energy transition. 

Digitalisation and automation are introducing entirely new avenues for making maritime logistics and port calls more efficient, eventually leading to cleaner waters, significantly lower emissions, and lower operational costs, as well as wasting less time. A smarter future is also a greener future.

With Awake’s platform and its growing number of ecosystem partners, the ambition is to reduce cumulatively 10% of the global CO2 emissions from shipping by 2030. Awake.AI is ensuring the future of sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics.

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