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Antwerp Announces Smart Port Vision

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The Port of Antwerp Authority has announced it will present its smart port vision at its Supernova Festival of the Future, during which it will unveil its latest innovative projects, including self-driving vessels and a “digital nervous system”.

As part of its plan to and improve logistic efficiencies, a floating pavilion in the middle of the Bonaparte dock, called the MAS Port Pavilion, will act as an innovation hub and reveal the port’s innovations and plans for smart technologies.

One of the developments are self-steering, self-navigating vessels and ‘Echodrone,’ a fully autonomous sounding boat that uses unique, innovative cloud technology.


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Port Authority Jacques CEO Vandermeiren commented: “Technological innovation is essential in order to collaborate ever more effectively, safely and efficiently, and to make the port platform more sustainable, as the main engine of the Belgian economy.

“Permanent innovation is the lever we need for further growth in employment and added value for the entire region. It will, at the same time, provide solutions for dealing with climate challenges.”

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