Bell Labs Alumni Joins PTI Event Speakers


PTI is proud to announce Professor Evangelos Markopoulos as a guest speaker at the Second Annual Terminal Automation & Training C-Level Networking Conference, taking place in London on April 19-20, 2017.

Professor Markopoulos is an international expert, entrepreneur and scholar on process and project engineering and management and on technocratic enterprise engineering, digital and gamified corporate strategies, knowledge and innovation management, and technocratic investments management.

He holds a BS and MSc in Computer Science and a PhD on ICT Project and Investments Management.

As a computer scientist, Professor Markopoulos has worked predominantly in the US with ΙΒΜ, Siemens and with Bell Laboratories.

Bell Laboratories is famed for having eight Nobel Prize winners securing their awards through their work at Bell Labs, as well as pioneering such innovations such as radio astronomy, the transistor and the laser. 

In his academic career, Professor Markopoulos was an Adjunct Professor and Research Fellow in universities and technical institutions such as Vaasa University (Finland), Brunel University (UK), Tampere University of Technology (Finland), City University of New York (USA), University of Piraeus (Greece) and Gauss Institute (Germany).

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As an innovative entrepreneur and businessman, Professor Markopoulos established and managed Sparthink – a software development company specialising in iOS and Android gaming applications and gamified digital corporate strategies.

Professor Markopoulos integrates serious and entertainment games in goal driven organisational operations and activities. 

This is in addition to developing enterprise digital strategies and culture based on gamification approaches under the Internet of Things (IoT), the Big Data, the Business and knowledge Intelligence and analytics concepts towards the identification and utilisation of the cooperate knowledge and capacity and its transformation into new processes and products development and innovation for efficiency, productivity and profitably.

Given his experience, Professor Markopoulos will be a key figure in articulating the importance of gamification and contemporary management methodologies. 

Professor Markopoulos said: “Gamification is not only software development but a new way of corporate strategy in terms of operations and production. It will change the way systems will be developed and the way people will be engaged on them. It’s a totally new philosophy that digital corporate strategies will have to adopt otherwise they will fall behind very soon.”

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