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Mi-Jack Europe GmbH


Mi-Jack Europe GmbH is a young organization that operates internationally with a focus on port automation and safety in container terminals. By Mi-Jack Europe’s unique GNSS and RFID technology, terminals are able to identify and track cranes, vehicles and personnel for a safe and efficient intermodal yard. As terminal automation continues to advance, safe and efficient collaboration between automated equipment and people is becoming increasingly important. The highest goal of Mi-Jack Europe’s technology is to ensure that safety aspect. The Mi-Jack Europe Anti Collision System prevents suspended loads above vehicles and people. The redundant approach increases the safety, reliability and availability of the complete automation solution. To avoid a decrease in terminal efficiency, the Mi-Jack Europe system allows parallel operation between fully automated equipment and personnel in the same working environment. An interactive digital twin of the terminal shows all object positions for the purpose of asset tracking and basic trouble shooting. The Mi-Jack Europe solution can be implemented with running operations, thus no downtimes during commissioning phase are needed. With the Mi-Jack Europe system, terminals are even able to increase productivity by more than 40% through optimizing container handling for the growing precision schedule. An open interface makes all data available for continuous surveillance and automatic control. This enables intelligent terminal management.

Results of the Mi-Jack Europe solution:

  • No recorded safety incidents with suspended loads
  • Unions support solution to realize the huge shift towards health and safety of workers, if included in automation planning early
  • Increase of terminal productivity over 40%
  • Substantial decreased noise and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Optimized container handling to feed growing precision scheduled railroading
  • Continuous surveillance and automatic control enable simultaneous work of all machines and personnel in the terminal
  • Visualization and optimization of equipment movement all integrated in Terminal Operating Software
  • Solution can be implemented with running operations. No downtime during commissioning phase

How does the Mi-Jack Europe solution work?

The Crane Collision Avoidance System is the core safety component of Mi-Jack Europe. The sensor fusion of Mi-Jack Europe’s GNSS and RFID technology system prevents the crane trolley from moving over any vehicle or personnel. Constantly, crane trolley and gantry movements are adjusted or stopped if required. This functionality relies on Mi-Jack Europe’s Real Time Locating System (RTLS). The RTLS consists of a combination of A Differential Global Navigation Satelite System (DGNSS) and Real Time Kinematics (RTK) system, which are installed for primary positioning purposes. This technology tracks cranes and vehicles with an accuracy up to 3cm. The second technology employed is the RFID system. It uses different signal characteristics of each frequency. By RFID technology, cranes, vehicles and even personnel can be tracked. To avoid collisions, halos are generated around them. When overlapping, the crane is prompted to stop.

Company Values

Customer Commitment: Mi-Jack Europe’s priority is to satisfy our customers needs by specific solutions. Our customers are the most important stakeholders and their feedback is our right to exist.

Responsibility: Mi-Jack Europe works constantly to establish trust and confidence in employees, customers and partners. Each of our employees takes full responsibility to provide the maximum benefit to our customers.

Constant Improvement: With each challenges achieved, we set new goals that require new skills. Constant improvement is present in all areas of the organization. This mindset strengthens Mi-Jack Europe as a team while setting high quality standards.

Agility: Mi-Jack Europe understands complex projects, adapts them trough an agile approach and leads them to success. In parallel, the Mi-Jack Europe-Team constantly adapts to a changing environment and reacts dynamically on the market.

Company History

By accident, a mining collision avoidance solution was presented to a Canadian container terminal, which quickly recognized the potential for its safety requirements. After further development and a successful first project, the company, under the former name “Yardeye,” entered the market in 2017. In 2018, the first project went live, and since then, the journey began. After the successful implementation, more terminals adopted the former Yardeye solution, including new functionalities such as personnel tracking and intelligent terminal management systems.

Yardeye has been a part of the Mi-Jack Products family since May 2022. In June 2023, Yardeye officially became Mi-Jack Europe.

Contact Details

Unterreut 6
Stephan Trauth
General Manager
+49 721 509 942-01

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