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What is the most effective way in protecting the environment at ports?

Friday Focus: PTI’s 10 Most Interesting Stories. Source: iStock   19 Jun 2015
To mark the six-month milestone for 2015, PTI has put together a list of its top 10 articles listed by the number of LinkedIn and Twitter shares

Track24’s New Encrypted Cargo Tracking Solution. Source: Track24   2 days ago
Track24 Defence has developed an AES256-encrypted consignment tracking solution that will help prevent millions of dollars of equipment from going missing during transit to ports

Operating Giants Battle for Taiwan Mega-Berths. Source: PSA / DP World   3 days ago
PSA International and DP World, two of the world’s largest terminal operators, are said to be in talks with Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Port to compete for mega-ship berths

EU Drives $300Mn into Calais Terminal. Source: iStock   3 days ago
In a bid to strengthen trade ties with Europe, Ireland and the UK, the European Commission has approved US$300 million of public funding to build a terminal at the Port of Calais

Navis: ‘Automation is a Reality Now’   3 days ago
Guenter Schmidmeir explains how automation is no longer a buzzword and now a reality in the port industry

Time-Lapse: Widening a Rotterdam Berth. Source: iStock   3 days ago
A video released by the Port of Rotterdam shows a time-lapse of the widening of the Amazonehaven berth at the port

Container Equipment Prices Hit 10-Year Low. Source: iStock   3 days ago
Low material costs and stable demand has driven the price of new container equipment down to record lows where it is forecast to stay

Feature: Port Training in the Era of Automation. Source: iStock   3 days ago
Automation seems to be catching on within the port industry, with companies such as Abu Dhabi Ports hiring more staff who are able to carry out a whole spectrum of port activities